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Bassnectar, Bela Fleck and The Flecktones and Rodrigo y Gabriela Blog Tuesday, May 1 2012

Just in case you don't know, I’m a music lover first, musician second and songwriter third. I’m gone from my family usually about 3 or 4 days a week playing shows so I don't get to go see music as much as I like. I’m limited to Sunday through Wednesday, which is not always the prime nights for music.  A couple months ago, my wife noticed a string of shows happening in my area on these nights. I was off and looked forward to these shows for a while. I need live music. I need to be in front of the speakers.  I need to feel it.

The Travelin' McCourys Wednesday, October 5 2011

I had a surreal day in Nashville with the McCoury family.  I’m very lucky to be hooked up as a Travelin’ McCoury for a few select shows this fall. We are playing the Magnolia Fest in Florida as well as the VooDoo Fest in New Orleans. In case you don't know, the Travelin’ McCourys consists of Jason Carter on fiddle, Alan Bartram on bass, Rob McCoury on banjo, and Ronnie McCoury on mandolin. Rob and Ronnie are the sons of bluegrass legend Del McCoury and all 4 are Del's backing band. I’m also happy to announce that I’m a part of the Delloween weekend which will be in Covington, Kentucky at Madison Theater and the Jefferson Center in Roanoke, Virginia on 10/28 and 10/29.

Keller with the Travelin' McCoury's
Keller Goes To The Last Frontier Wednesday, June 8 2011

Alaska is a whole different country inhabited by cool americans.  Just in case you're not a slave to the blue F of the facebook, here are a few details from my trip to the land of the midnight sun.  We landed in Anchorage and stopped by a bar called F Street. They had a big block of cheese on the bar for patrons to snack on with their cocktails. Many years ago, a lady from the health department made a big cheesy stink about it.  So.....they put up this sign to shut her up.  It stuck.  They have t-shirts that say, "For display only.  Do not eat."








Todd Snider Monday, May 23 2011

I had the pleasure of seeing Todd Snider at The Birchmere Music Hall in Alexandria, Virginia. I was completely entertained. He is a true storyteller. In every sense of the word. It’s folk music of today’s generation, but with the respectful nod to the folk music of the ‘60s generation, which in my opinion, a lot of today’s music wouldn't exist with out it. Not only the style of music, but the subject matter in the lyrics.  As far as political and social issues go, Todd touches on some of this stuff, but it’s done in such a way that's not preachy. His songs are funny. Not like joke funny, but smart funny. Even his more serious songs have at least one funny line in it.

Charlie Hunter Tuesday, May 17 2011

Charlie Hunter is a freak of nature. If you don't know about him, here's the deal. He plays a custom 7 string guitar. 3 bass strings and 4 guitar strings. If you hear him on cd, you might think you were listening to an incredible bass player and an insane guitar player. But it's him playing both parts, simultaneously. To see it live is truly something to behold. When I saw he was playing "Jammin Java" in Vienna, Virginia I immediately bought tickets. I had heard of this place, but never had the chance to go. It is a long, dark rectangular room, located in kind of a Northern Virginia strip mall. It was intimate and sounded great. It looked like it could hold about 100 people.

Keller Auctions Off Guitar to Help Tornado Victims of the Southeast! Saturday, April 30 2011

A word from Keller;

As I watch the dreamy royal wedding, I can't help thinking of the nightmare that is happening in the southeast. The devastation from the tornados has left me wanting to help in any way possible. So I'm auctioning off my Godin Multiac fretless guitar with synthe access. Her name is "lil' sexy". Please check out “Lil' Sexy Blues" from the Dream record ft. Sanjay Mishra on guitar, Samir Chatterjee on tablas, and me playing this guitar. It has nylon strings and sounds like a warm classical that's being played with a slide except your fingers are doing the sliding as there are no frets. The fret lines are in place so it plays easily. With a fretless, you simply press the string on the fretline for the proper note to be in tune. It’s a guitar player’s guitar. It’s not a cowboy chord guitar you sit back and strum tunes around the campfire. It’s a thin body guitar, but slightly thicker than an electric. It’s super sexy. The pick up system is very elaborate with many options. Each string sits in its own cradle. The signal is split two ways and has two separate out puts. One is a regular quarter inch guitar cable that controls the acoustic sounds with volume, treble, mid, and bass control faders. The other is a 13 pin gk cable that goes to the Roland guitar synthesizer. This unit is not included. But it’s bad ass. Hours of entertainment can be had with a plethora of different sounds. My favorites were the trumpet and fiddle. I would tune the guitar to chord and slide around the low notes on the trumpet patch and would sound like a sexy trombone with no spit. The fiddle is way more realistic sounding with the fretless aspect. Although it’s a thin body, there is a small acoustic port up by the controls that allow you to play and hear her in all her sexiness with out any amplification.  I’m letting her go because she was a one song a show guitar. Then when I started flying so much and had to choose who goes and who stays, I obviously chose the guitars I play the most. She is a luxury, specialty that deserves to be played.

EOTO at The National Friday, April 22 2011

I recently saw EOTO at The National in Richmond, VA; the staff treated me like royalty. Thank you National.

EOTO is made up of Michael Travis and Jason Hann, both from The String Cheese Incident. EOTO is Travis and Hann’s 100 percent, live, improvised, electronica project.  I've been listening and studying the formulas that make up the different genres of this type of music; like jazz, electronica has many sub genres. Sunday night, EOTO focused on the Dub Step genre side of electronica.

Kids Shows Monday, March 7 2011

I've recently put out a kids record. It’s been a long time coming and in the thought process for years. Folks would tell me that my music is playful and that their kids like it. They also say that it’s annoying to have to skip over the songs with the bad words in them. Then they forget to and the children are subjected to language that raises questions at school.

HULAWEEN Thursday, November 4 2010

It looked to me to be about 10 thousand people in attendance at Hampton Coliseum for The String Cheese Incident Hulaween freek out on October 30th.  I was honored to be invited to sing a few songs. “Groove Is In The Heart” as well as, “Mothership Connection.” The energy was incredible. That place is known for being a conductor or antenna for such things as mind blowing musical experiences that are guided by some kind of higher power, which fills the room with goodness.  I've been back stage there, but never ON stage. I was excited. Big time. String Cheese has always gone far beyond the call of duty when it comes to putting money back into the show. This was no different. Massive LED screens as well as giant projection screens that were lowered over the band space that made it look like a giant spider web. When the band started, the screen was lifted almost to the ceiling above the light rig. Speaking of the light rig, super smart robotic moving lights were everywhere. Not just above the band, but back by the soundboard as well. There were a dozen disco balls to add to the freek out. There were even hydraulic lifts to raise the sexy dancers, wearing disco ball helmets way above the stage.  

My Contest Was Not Rigged Wednesday, September 15 2010

I am into conspiracy. If I were you, I'd think the contest was rigged too. I did spend some time going through the names, astounded at the representation of the country. We were totally planning on getting on a plane and making the journey somewhere far away for this. I was prepared.  I knew it would be unlikely, possible, but unlikely to stay in the state. Like I said on the video, this is real. Not fake. The video was done in one take. I made Ella practice the pouring of the names into the salad twirler from the hat box one time. Ella drew a name in the rehearsal only to pull out the one and only blank slip. Whoa.