Buena and AfterGood

Buena and AfterGood. Another TWOFER!!!  Have I gone crazy? What am I thinking? Are you going to take advantage of my craziness? You'd be crazy not to.

This week takes us to a special place. That place is my favorite venue in Norfolk, Virginia, and is quite possibly the finest in all the land: the Norva Theater. It should be called the “Norfa” for how fucking awesome it is.  It has an incredible sound system with video flat screens scattered about, friendly staff, and is very accommodating to patrons and general ticket buying.  The back stage is absolutely ridiculous in the cool department. It has a catering area, game room with ping-pong & pool tables, old classic video games, comfy couches and a flat screen…  And that's just the game room!  The main dressing room has 2 bathrooms.  TWO.  1 of those bathrooms has 3 toilets in them. THREE.  The place also comes equipped with a hot tub, multiple saunas and showers.  Journey through the halls and you will also find a racquetball court. Ain’t that some shit? A racquetball court, complete with a basketball goal lowered to 8 feet which makes small white men feel empowered by the ability to dunk. Who would of thought, something as simple as an 8-foot dunk goal can do so much for a man's ego?  Needless to say the Norva rules.  The National Theater in Richmond, Virginia is owned by the same folks and they have done an amazing job with that place making it almost as sweet as the Norva. Almost.

The first song for you is by Morphine called “Buena.” The beauty of Morphine (the band) is the instrumentation, which includes the bari sax, drums and two string bass. The tragedy of Morphine is that the lead dude died during the performance of a song on stage.  What a way to go. The band had a spooky, cool sound that has not since been replicated. This version of “Buena” has Toby Fairchild on drums, Jay Starling on keys, and me on bass. It slightly strays away from the original version in the jazz/funk department, but I tried to retain the spookiness.  This was from the “Added Bonus” holiday run.  What?  Added BONUS?  Why yes.  The 2nd song you get this week is the post-buena jam, which I'm lovingly calling "Aftergood".  It’s in a different key on a different bass.  So, it’s...  different.  It was recorded towards the end of the Guitar Store Tour at Humboldt Brews in Arcata, California.  I love California.  Humboldt County is a very special place to me.  I always feel special there.  The people there are special.  They can do special things…  with their minds.  Please enjoy.

Speaking of added bonuses, the 2nd song you get this week (FREE! Yes! Two songs for the price of one!) is my song, "You Are What You Eat."  It appears on the "Home" record, the "Sight" DVD as well as the "Live" record that I recorded with Moseley, Droll and Sipe. So why release it again? Well... this version has an even more interesting super extended loopy dance section than the other 3 versions. The jam is so groovy, that it is perfectly ok to fast-forward over the first two minutes or so. I did. Plus, it's free so it's justifiable and recommended. Even with the fast-forwarding you get 11 minutes of music. Please enjoy.