Eyes of the World

Steal Jam. Bethlehem, PA. Sept 2011

Eyes of The World (Garcia, Hunter Ice Nine Publishing) Feat: John Morgan Kimock drums, Steve Kimock guitar, Fareed Haque guitar, and Lou Gosain on harmonies and the soundboard. He recorded this as well
. This version of this track is not about the words. Because I got them way wrong. So much so, that normally, I wouldn't release such a track. This release is all about the jam. John Morgan Kimock on drums, his father Steve Kimock on guitar (on the right side) and Fareed Haque also on guitar(on the left side) with me on bass. As the story goes, a casino came to town and part of their deal with the city was to fix up this area of town. An old steal mill responsible for making the steal that erected the skyscrapers and bridges that we see everyday. It’s giant. Massive. And now abandoned with big weed tress growing out it. The rust making the whole massive structure look a maroonish brown. The original idea was to paint the place, but instead they simply placed colored lights in different positions making it look super cool at night. The opening few minuets of Transformers 2 was shot there.  The casino folks came in and made an incredible amphitheater as well as an indoor music venue/movie theater with full view of the massive steal mill. The Kimock family is indigenous to the area. Steve's father actually worked at the mill and expected Steve to work there too. As soon as Steve was old enough, he split for California and the rest is history. He now lives back there and I was grateful to have him sit in, as he is one of my guitar gods. Fareed was at the fest as well so I invited him up as he is another one of my guitar hero’s.  Both are on my "Dream" record. I was playing bass as these two guitar geniuses were on either side of me like some kind of wet, musical dream. Just simply ignore the blown words and botched bass lines and focus on the solos. That's what I was doing. Hence the botched words and whack bass lines.

Please Enjoy.