Get On Up / Sanford and Son

This week's release was recorded 15 years ago on 9/6/94 at Finns on Atlantic Blvd. in Virginia Beach, VA. The song is called "Get On Up/Sanford and Son". It still appears in my live show today but with lots of loop jams throughout. This version was before all the looping crept its way into my show. It is also the first song on my first record "Freek". This version was recorded on cassette off of a powered mixer that I hauled around in a Mazda pick up with my trusty husky Sheeba. The guitar was an amazing Takamini 12 string with actually 12 strings on it. And tuned to pitch. Today my 12 strings have 9 strings and tuned 1 to 5 steps below pitch so this is different from how my guitars sound today. This guitar was either left on the street or stolen out the back of my truck right around the time of this show. I was young and dumb and worry free and quite forgetful. I was also doing like 6 shows a week (2 of those being in Virginia Beach). Finn’s on Tuesday and Kiefer’s on Wednesday. Man I miss that guitar. I didn't notice it missing until I loaded in the next night.  The replacement guitars never quite sounded as good to me so a lot of the old recordings from this time frame don't pass my rigid inspection for release.  But this does. In fact, I have plucked several songs off of this recording to share. Finn’s was owned by a college buddy of mine for about 8 months. A circle of friends would bartend and free drinks and shots would flow freely. Maybe that's why it closed 8 months after it opened. The song was made up a couple of years earlier and it’s about a weekly gig I had in Fredericksburg. The Windsor Tea Room (which is now J.Brians) would move the tables aside on Wednesday nights and let me play from 8-10pm to a bunch of underage hippy kids. Ahhh…good times. I was recently given a hard drive containing something like 800 shows of mine dating back almost 20 years. All I need is a computer…and some kind of plug to go between the two…and some software to decompress the files…and someone who knows how make both work…and about 150 hours to listen to the stuff. And then of course babysitters. So it might be a while before I dive into this hard drive. I wish I could plug some headphones into it and press play. Someday, I will discover what lies beneath the mysterious plastic shell of this hard drive. And when I do, I will share some with you. Until then, please enjoy "Get On Up/Sanford and Son" recorded 9/6/94 at Finn’s in Virginia Beach, VA.