More Than a Little

"More Than A Little" recorded 10/24/09 at the Egyptian Room at the Murat Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. The super tripped out/uninhibited jungle/housed up extended/drum and bass dance/Saturday night/end of set/DJ Kdub/live remix.  Bitch. This week is intended to be the complete polar opposite of last week (check it out. I'll still be here when you get back). This is a hot off the press display of my current looping ability at its most recent peak. Feel free to compare it to the first version, which came out on the "Loop" record, which was showcasing the looping concept in its beginning stage. I'm far behind the potential of what I can make electronics do. I just need to get more stuff. It’s out there for the taking (buying, that is…and this shit ain’t cheap). I'm just enjoying the thought of coming close to mastering the stuff I have that I've been using for years. Please enjoy this very loud while being naked.

Note: More Than A Little mixed live by Louis Gosain, which makes it another YouGoCrazy Production.