Mullet Cut (LIVE from the Gathering of the Vibes 2009)

The first release of the song "Mullet Cut" was recorded with my friends from String Cheese Incident. It came out on my "Dream" record as a bonus track. It was then released on the "Live" record with Moseley, Droll, and Sipe.  So why on earth would I release it again? I guess it’s simply for feedback. I was thinking about trying to pursue releasing this whole set. There were multi camera angles including one on a big giant swinging boom arm thing that would cruise over the crowd.  I asked a while ago what the chances were of being able to release this set in its entirety. The jury is still out on that one and I'm hoping this release could light some sparks on the subject. It’s a 90-minute set, and yes it does contain some of the same material as what is on the "Live" record. Mullet is on the DVD version of “Live”, but something about this set was special. The band played Jam Cruise in January of ‘09 and not again until this set. I flew with a little mixer and computer speakers so we could jam before the set. Our backstage tent was directly behind the stage so it was loud, making it difficult to hear each other for the rehearsal. But we were able to play through an abbreviated set before our time slot. The set is far from perfect as far as mistakes go but closer to perfect than any festival set I can recall ever playing with this band. What do you think? Does it sound good enough to you to be released in its entirety? And if so, should I try and release the whole video? Feed me your feedback.  Gathering Of The Vibes is a super cool festival now held in Connecticut on the Long Island Sound.  Please enjoy.  Thank you. Keller