We F*#ked up!

The new Keller with The Travelin’ McCoury’s T-shirt was great!  Nice design, high quality shirt, killer screen print.  It was manufactured, packed, shipped, photographed and inventoried.  It was put online and shipped to festivals.  Everything was running like clockwork.


Thanks to a good friend at Wakarusa, we noticed a horrible oversight…a misspelling that was hidden in plain sight.  Keller WILLAMS.  How did this happen?  Yikes!

So, we came up with a solution…a very Appalachian solution.  We went back and inserted the missing ‘i’ in a fashion that looks as though it were done by hand and turned this shirt into a limited edition run.  There are only a total of 300 shirts, each has been individually numbered as if it were a poster…a work of art.

Be sure to purchase this shirt now at www.KellerWilliams.net or www.KellerMcCoury.com.  You can buy it on its own or as part of a package.  When it’s gone, it’s gone.