Ahhhhh colorado.

What a cool magnet. As I sit in the montrose airport, after a glorious 24 hour trip to telluride, I can’t help be overwhelmingly grateful for my job. My college buddy, steve togni, went way out of his way to accommodate lou, drew and myself as well as the sound company with super, ultra, supremeo, mega pimpin’ condos and an incredible slope side ski in and ski out cabin. I arrived at the mountain village around 2pm. Checked in to the fat pad to find a goofy footed snowboard and my size boots with a lift ticket dangling in all its glory. Needless to say, steve and I hustled out on the slopes to bang out about a 10 or so runs. With the flights and the hour plus drive, there was no room for error as the lifts close at 4. The plan came together like some kind of dream. Afterwards, i entered the conference center that had been converted into a lush, carpeted dance hall to find lou (lou gosain-sound engineer, road manager and harmony vocalist) singing beautiful, soprano, operatic songs in the microphone. This was a good sign. You see, we fly with lots of sensitive electronics that gets handled, not so gently by airport employees. the possibility exists that things will be damaged, and changes must be made for the show to go on. By entering and hearing lou’s singing voice, I was immediately informed that everything was cool. A while back, we flew to montrose to play the telluride bluegrass festival (my favorite festival that I feel is honor to play) and not one single piece of gear arrived on the plane that we came in on. I was scheduled to play the opera house that night and the next day to play the festival. You may guess how I felt to enter the beautiful town of telluride with nothing. Nada. Not even a guitar. I had to borrow one from my friend liza to do the opera house gig. The sound board eventually arrived with severe damage, but my bass as well as the special stand it sits on in play position, did not. The two shows I played were interesting but different to how I wanted to present myself at what I felt (and feel) is a prestigious festival. I attended this festival 7 years in a row as a ticket buying festavarion. I was lucky enough to play the bars late night after the fest but this particular year, i was on the bill. Luckily, the string cheese incident was also on the bill. Mike kang and kieth moseley joined me for bluegrass versions of porta potty song, best feeling and freeker to close and actually save the set. I haven’t been back to the festival since but i did go back and open for the cheese there a few years later. That trip was plagued with a blown engine on the airbus, only 10 minuets into the flight. FAA regulations require those planes to be able to fly on one engine for an hour or so while the pilot returns to the airport or finds a safe place to land. The purser of the flight was not so calm to say the least. She prepared the cabin for an emergency landing. Head between the legs, the whole bit. People were freaking, myself included. We landed about 17 minutes after take off with no problem. We were all offloaded and taken to gate to await a different plane. What was once a full flight was now less than half full as many people chose to not get back on a plane. Emily and I were quite reluctant but went on anyway as the magnetic pull to telluride was strong. Those experiences prove that this recent trip was over the top positive. The people at the show were exuding a certain energy that can only be obtained in a far away island of a mountain ski town, in the beginning of the season, while it was snowing. Which it was. Ahhhhh colorado.