Album Track List

  • 1
    The Sun & Moons Vagenda
  • 2
    2 b u
  • 3
    Hey Ho Jorge
  • 4
    I am Elvis
  • 5
    Hollywood Freeks
  • 6
    Thinking Out Loud
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
    Super Hot
  • 10
    Hobo Jungle
  • 11

“This record came from a project I formed with my local homies, Jay Starling and Mark D. The idea came from multiple nights seeing my favorite local Fredericksburg band, The Transmitters, who played both rub a dub and one drop style reggae….whatever that means. Rehearsals for this project were done late at night in my basement with the next day offering no recollection of what was rehearsed, so obviously this music had to be recorded in an album format so it would not be lost in the psychedelic abyss. The name of the record is Bass, as in the instrument, but it’s always fun to do a play on words, hence the incredible cover art by Richard Biffle, which is, of course, a mutant largemouth bass bass (fish that is also a playable bass, in the shape of a large mouthed bass). Confused? Good.” -Kw

Bass may be Keller’s 17th album but it is his first album to be recorded with Keller’s live reggae-funk band Kdubalicious. Formed in late 2010, in addition to Keller on bass and vocals, the group features Jay Starling on keyboards and Mark D on drums. Though Keller’s music, both what he listens to and what he puts out, may always be changing and evolving, there’s always one constant: his unique, playful songwriting. Bass is no different in that regard. This may be reggae music, with heavy doses of dub, funk, jazz and even bits of pop and psychedelia, but at the core, it’s a Keller Williams record, his warm voice and equally inviting attitude driving the positive vibrations.