Album Track List

  • 1
    Sunny Rain
  • 2
    Sally Sullivan
  • 3
    Relaxation Station
  • 4
    Fuel for the Road
  • 5
    Stinky Green
  • 6
  • 7
    Over Dub
  • 8
    Anyhow Anyway
  • 9
    Inhale to the Chief
  • 10
    Killer Waves
  • 11
    Best Feeling
  • 12
    Same Ol'
  • 13
    Molly Malloy

“For my second record, I stuck with the familiar producer/engineer/musician, Doug Derryberry, in the new Rutabega studios now located somewhere else in Northern Virginia land.  This record contains performances by Magraw Gap featuring Larry Keel, Danny Knicely, Will Lee and Dr. John Flower (Inhale to the Chief and Sunny Rain).  My good friend, Gibb Droll, had recently done a record in this studio and I was able to lock him in on the song “Fuel for the Road”.   I was also able to tap into some amazingly talented people that I would frequently go to see play live around the Virginia area, such as Barbara Nesbit, who was in a band called Rare Daze as well as Craig Dugal, who is the drummer for Indecision, which was a band I would go and see frequently in my late teen’s and early twenties.  Craig had just taken up the marimba and laid down his tracks with four mallets.  The three of us appear on the track “ Anyhow Anyway”.  Andy Waldeck from the band Egypt and Earth to Andy, plays fretless bass on “Best Feeling” and “Yoni”.  Doug Derryberry played the acoustic guitar solo on the song “Yoni.”

At the time of this recording, I was 25 years old and I was doing about 200 solo shows a year in various restaurants and bars in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and the beginning stages of  Colorado. I recorded it in Virginia and focused on all the artwork from my newly adopted home of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.” –Kw