Album Track List

  • 1
    Get on Up/Sanford and Son
  • 2
    The Juggler
  • 3
    Turn In Difference
  • 4
    Friendly Pyramid
  • 5
    In the Middle
  • 6
  • 7
    The Miss Annie Overture in A
  • 8
  • 9
    Shapes of Change
  • 10
    The River
  • 11
    A Day That Never Was

“This was my first record, it reeks (in an innocent way) of energy and nervousness. Dave Mathews had released an album that was recorded by John Alagia and Doug Derryberry who are from, and lived in Virginia, at the time. Before this even happened, they was an acoustic duo called Derryberry and Alagia. I had their cassette tape and listened to it, loved it even. I went and saw them live and then I heard that they had worked with Dave Matthews, who was blowing up at the time, so naturally, I wanted them to record and produce my first record. I sent them a demo and they accepted the sessions, which was to be at Rutabega studios, at the time was in Arlington, VA. On the day the sessions began, they were given a 1-month notice to vacate the premise, as the owners they were renting from were returning from abroad. So, John Alagia had to bow out of the sessions and secure a house/studio for the next month and beyond, needless to say, there was stress. With it being my first studio recording and the fact that I was at the tender age of 23, combined to create that overall high nervous energy of this record, appropriately title Freek. I was joined by Noel White on percussion, Danny Knicely on mandolin, Lowell Sale on banjo, Matt Szechenyi on guitar, Mike McCullough and Brian Durrett on bass, Cliff Franc on drums, as well as Doug Derryberry playing backwards guitar on the song “Turn in Difference.” To do that, he recorded the song from ADAT (which is a recording process with a medium that looks like a VHS tape) onto reel to reel tape. He then took the tape and put it on backwards and played the recording backwards and recorded forwards as it played backwards. FREEK.” –Kw

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