Free Shows Rule

Sponsors pay for everything and the audience pays nothing. It’s an all around win-win. Especially in asheville, north carolina. the weather had a slight briskness to it, as it should, in october. The stage, which was a smaller semi truck style trailer that transforms into a covered stage. The truck pulling it broke down on the way to the show and didn’t arrive until 3. The first band, town mountain, played really good bluegrass on the street in front of the stage while it was being transformed. Eoto then played a super cool, improvised, electronic, dance music. I really enjoyed and appreciated the musical tightness of michael travis and jason hann. Two road warriors who do about 60 shows in 2 months( that’s 2 days off in 2 months) and put 75 thousand miles on their vehicle in 1 year. Next was the josh phillips folk festival. 3 guitars, bass, keys ,sax and trumpet. I think it should be called funk festival, as it was way more funky than folky. I was last. as a solo act, Its always tough to follow bands. In this case, an electronic dance duo and an 8 piece funk band. The energy was super high as the street in front of the stage was packed with beautiful freeky asheville people. The speakers were stacked on the ground on the side of the stage. The inside speaker boxes were aimed inward so that the people in the front could hear. Those speakers would sweep across the stage causing the vocal mic to feed back. Usually, the stage monitors feed back as they are pointed right at the microphones. But I use earphones and very rarely get high end, super annoying, feed back. It was an unwelcome buzz kill for a little while. But like beating yourself with a brick, it always feels good when you stop. lou said at least 75 people asked him to turn it up. The sound board was so far away that when lou tried to get the sound up where he could hear properly, the volume up front would be crushing. So much so the feedback was prominent. Adjustments were made and I believe people got happier and happier as the set progressed. With the stage being late and the 3 other acts and the change-overs, my 90 min. set got cut to just under 60. I played past curfew and opted to continue the groove rather than stop early and do the traditional encore. What? No encore? it always sucks when you HAVE to stop. I would’ve rather stopped like I did than have the local po-po pull the plug. That sucks even worse. It happened on the big summer classic tour in indianapolis. Really weird to be jammin in a big group with members of 3 or 4 bands and a bunch of happy people in front of you, and have the plug pulled. literally. It turns out that it was an evil plan unbenounced to the bands to get back at the promoter who allegedly way underpaid the tour fee. So we were told curfew was10:30 when it was really 10. The cops cut the power about 10:15 and the promoter was charged a penalty fee. Hippie drama. Luckily nothing like this happened in asheville. I like to think we didn’t have problems because I didn’t do the encore which possibly made me look like a pompass ass but possibly helped my chances at doing it again. Sorry if I left you hangin. I was just playin by the mans rules. KW