Grunge grass: A novelty project playing bluegrass versions of alternative radio hits from the 90’s

I have to explain it like that because I couldn’t come up with a whole set from just the “grunge” era that I liked enough to spend time learning. The weird thing is, I wasn’t really into these songs when they were popular and being crammed down our throats on radio and TV. Times were different then. Massive airplay meant massive record sales. Which means a lot of people know this music. When I road test a few of these songs, it is clear that folks know this stuff way better than I. It’s surprisingly easy to transform these songs into bluegrass songs. This project is a blatant insult to both genres (blue grass and grunge)but damn……it’s fun to do. I will be joined by Claude Auther on double bass, and Jay Starling on dobro for (as it stands now) 4 shows. 2 in November and 2 in December. See this project while you can because it won’t be around much after these four shows. Unless Dave Grohl hires us to play his pool party. But that is highly unlikely. —