For 72 years, the soap opera Guiding Light has brought joy to many people. It has recently been cancelled. This made me remember that I recorded a song about the show, using the characters and the story line of the time as the focus of the tune. It pretty much wrote itself. My wife Emily, grew up watching that show. From 97 to 2000, she and I and our 2 dogs, circled the country in a variety of motor homes playing upwards of 200 hundred shows a year. Each day, we would stop somewhere where we could get TV reception on our Radio Shack 8 inch 12 volt TV to watch this show. I of course didn’t always watch but I did enough to know the characters and their personalities and their back stories and who they were sleeping with and who their wives and husbands were sleeping with and who killed who and who and so on.  Once we settled back into Fredericksburg, we were introduced TiVo. It was then I got really caught up in the characters and this song was created as a joke.  Each year, the real life actors would go to Kings Dominion (amusement park) for a series of autograph signings and interactive seminars where they take questions from fans. Emily wanted to go and like a good husband I accompanied her. (Along with Cam Morin my business manager who was also a semi-fan of the show). Just for fun I recorded this song to put on disc to give the characters in person. Needless to say, there were thousands of house wives and pissed off husbands there to see them and the line for autographs was ridiculous. We waited in it for a long time and by the time we got close, they switched out the actors at the signing as it takes hours to accommodate a crowd like that. 5 would sign and 5 would do the seminar. You had to be super hard core and wait a l o n g time to meet the actors. There were way too many roller coasters to ride for me to do this. So, I walked to the front of the line and handed the discs to the publicist and kindly asked her to give these to the actors. Each disc was labeled with the character’s name. She took them and looked at me like I was crazy and said “yeah….ok……sure……thanks.”  The discs probably went quickly in the trash. I may have played this song a handful of times a long time ago but more than likely it will be new to you. Guiding Light. May you rest in peace. Enjoy.