Holiday Run

The nocturnal never negative nomadic notion turned out to be super positive. A huge thank you goes out to all who were in attendance. Once again, the spca benefit at the fredericksburg field house was a success. People seemed to have fun and the house sold twice as much beer as last year. So they were stoked. The volunteers kicked serious ass. Again. We had a lot of the same people who have donated their time for this event over the years. So people knew what they were doing and the show ran like clockwork. The norva, national and neighborhood theaters were incredibly accommodating and friendly. The norva and the national (both owned by same folks) could possibly be the finest venues in virginia. Both packing top of the line, state of the art sound systems and super plush backstage areas. Fully equipped with pool tables and hot tubs. The neighborhood has that super friendly local bar vibe. I love that place. The band (toby fairchild, drums, claude arthur, bass and jay starling, guitar, keys, dobro and lap steel) did a superb job. We all share the same love for music in the sense that we all love to play. I did the first set solo and they joined me for the second set. We started and finished as a four piece. After 4 songs, toby and jay would leave and claude and I would do a bass and guitar duo with claude playing the upright with a bow. Then jay would return with the dobro for 3 bluegrass songs. Then claude would leave and toby would return for 3 songs with me on bass. Then we would finish with the 4 piece operating on all cylinders. We didn’t have enough material to play completely different sets every night which in one way was weird but another way (by the time nye rolled around) the songs that we repeated were super tight. At least by my standards. I’m looking forward to doing more shows with these dudes. ¬†Once again thank you for coming out to the shows and of course for taking time to read this.