It looked to me to be about 10 thousand people in attendance at Hampton Coliseum for The String Cheese Incident Hulaween freek out on October 30th.  I was honored to be invited to sing a few songs. “Groove Is In The Heart” as well as, “Mothership Connection.” The energy was incredible. That place is known for being a conductor or antenna for such things as mind blowing musical experiences that are guided by some kind of higher power, which fills the room with goodness.  I’ve been back stage there, but never ON stage. I was excited. Big time. String Cheese has always gone far beyond the call of duty when it comes to putting money back into the show. This was no different. Massive LED screens as well as giant projection screens that were lowered over the band space that made it look like a giant spider web. When the band started, the screen was lifted almost to the ceiling above the light rig. Speaking of the light rig, super smart robotic moving lights were everywhere. Not just above the band, but back by the soundboard as well. There were a dozen disco balls to add to the freek out. There were even hydraulic lifts to raise the sexy dancers, wearing disco ball helmets way above the stage.

The band did 11 shows this year. They topped out in the late 90’s and early 2000’s at about 250 a year. So 11 is barely anything to what they used to do. One thing is for sure. At least in my world, when I don’t do something ALL the time, it’s WAY more exciting when it comes around again. That was one of the things that The Keels and me vowed from the beginning. Not to play together all the time. That way it’s fun every time. I did a handful of shows with The Keels this summer and I was always left wanting more. Apparently that’s the first rule of show business that I’ve been ignoring for years with my two 80 and 90 minute sets of loops, covers, originals, and my silly blogs full of run on sentences that completely veer off from the point I’m trying to make, which is of course String Cheese had fun on stage, it’s possibly from not doing so many shows. Leave’m wanting more. The jams were sooo deep. Deeper than I remember. This was the first time I’ve seen them in a while. So perhaps I was hearing and seeing differently than others.  But in a venue that clearly channels energy, mixed in with the fact that they don’t play together that often, mixed in with the positive vibe of the 10,000 people in front of them, I would imagine it would be difficult to not have fun. Thank you String Cheese.

Photo Credit: Brian Spady © The String Cheese Incident 2010.

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