jam cruise

what an epic 5 day event jam cruise is. I want to say this is my fourth time attending. Everytime, ive had a total blast. The floating hippy festival is special because the walls between fan and artist are dropped. Everyone is one which is beautiful (at least to me), with each act playing twice in 5 days (or in my case 3-I either get on late or off early) there is nothing to do except be on vacation. A few folks bring their kids but I have not been that adventurous yet. This can lead to extreme guilt of being on a tropical vacation without your kids. But….its a job and we all have to eat. Its actually good work if you can get it with or without the guilt. The musical highlight for me was bonerama. Guitar, bass, drums, keys and four trombones. They ran the gamete of new orleans style stuff as well as an instrumental whipping post and peaches and regalia from zappa. I played trombone from 6th to 9th grade so obviously the trombone is my favorite horn. The lee boys ripped it up with their rockin gospel funk. Garage a trois sounded as good as they possibly could without charlie hunter, (he don’t do boats. Come to think of it, he don’t do garage a trois any more. Which I think is a mistake but what do I know?) marco bennavento is a perfect replacement. Like charlie, he handles the bass lines and rhythm as well some leads. He’s brilliant in the way he takes a B3 organ and fender rhodes, drench them in effects to the point of instrumental indie rock. Galactic was off the hook and ALO is my new favorite. The boat took off from ft. Lauderdale and stopped in belize and costa maya. Its a floating city about 16 stories high and a quarter mile long, (not sure actual height but its big). this was the last couple of gigs on the books for me with moseley, droll and sipe. We hadn’t played together in 6 weeks but the last time we were together, we did 10 shows in 11 days so we were rusty but yet fresh. not jaded. We played well both shows. There were way too many songs that we didn’t get to. that means only one thing. There will have to be more shows with the band. I’m not sure when where or how, but it simply has to happen. Jam cruise: good thing. Book early. The boat fills up before any bands are announced. Enjoy. I did. kw