A word from Keller;

As I watch the dreamy royal wedding, I can’t help thinking of the nightmare that is happening in the southeast. The devastation from the tornados has left me wanting to help in any way possible. So I’m auctioning off my Godin Multiac fretless guitar with synthe access. Her name is “lil’ sexy”. Please check out “Lil’ Sexy Blues” from the Dream record ft. Sanjay Mishra on guitar, Samir Chatterjee on tablas, and me playing this guitar. It has nylon strings and sounds like a warm classical that’s being played with a slide except your fingers are doing the sliding as there are no frets. The fret lines are in place so it plays easily. With a fretless, you simply press the string on the fretline for the proper note to be in tune. It’s a guitar player’s guitar. It’s not a cowboy chord guitar you sit back and strum tunes around the campfire. It’s a thin body guitar, but slightly thicker than an electric. It’s super sexy. The pick up system is very elaborate with many options. Each string sits in its own cradle. The signal is split two ways and has two separate out puts. One is a regular quarter inch guitar cable that controls the acoustic sounds with volume, treble, mid, and bass control faders. The other is a 13 pin gk cable that goes to the Roland guitar synthesizer. This unit is not included. But it’s bad ass. Hours of entertainment can be had with a plethora of different sounds. My favorites were the trumpet and fiddle. I would tune the guitar to chord and slide around the low notes on the trumpet patch and would sound like a sexy trombone with no spit. The fiddle is way more realistic sounding with the fretless aspect. Although it’s a thin body, there is a small acoustic port up by the controls that allow you to play and hear her in all her sexiness with out any amplification.  I’m letting her go because she was a one song a show guitar. Then when I started flying so much and had to choose who goes and who stays, I obviously chose the guitars I play the most. She is a luxury, specialty that deserves to be played.

If you are interested in this guitar, then I would like you to research the different charities, organizations, families or rebuilding project operations where your money will go. We will be gathering information regarding where this money could do the most. I’m hoping to work together with the buyer to agree on the proper place to donate. Not necessarily the Red Cross and not necessarily Bob Jones on Main Street, but somewhere correct and legitimate. Not to say the Red Cross is anything but legit. I’m just willing to think outside the box as well as wanting the buyer to feel confident that their donation is real.  Whatever money we raise will do nothing to comfort the families who have lost love ones. But I hope it well help someone somewhere to take just a hint of the sting out of some of the financial burden that is sure to follow for a lot of people in the affected areas.  I’d like to start the bidding at $2,000. If you like, I can sign it, but I don’t have to.   Sharpie also washes off easily. Thanks for reading this and if this is not the guitar for you, I urge you to figure out how you can help the families get through this difficult time in your own way.Thank you. Keller
The fine print;
The auction will be hosted by The Mimi Fishman Foundation. It will go live on May 10th, 2011.  The charity needs to be mutually agreed apon by Keller and it needs to directly benefit the Tornado victims of the Southeastern U.S. that were affected during the week of April 25th, 2011.   The donation will be made by and on behalf of Keller Williams.    Stay tuned for more details!

Team Keller

“The guitar up for  auction is the one Keller is playing. It is a Fretless Godin”