Keller Releases New EP, “Bluhm”, TODAY!

We’re excited to announce Bluhm, a 5 song EP of Tim Bluhm Covers with 100% of the net proceeds going to Tim Bluhm’s medical fund. Guests include Jackie Greene, Reed Mathis, Jason Crosby and Larry and Jenny Keel. Purchase Bluhm here.

Tim Bluhm, to me, is the epitome of a west coast songwriter.  His solo records, and those with The Mother Hips, just reek of California.  As a Virginian, I always would dream of the promised land of Pacific time.  Tim’s songs have always conjured images of that beautiful section of the country and have fed my longing to be there. Last year, while paragliding his speed wing, upon landing, he snapped his leg in half at the ankle. But he didn’t die. Oh no. Through the pain and the surgeries and the traction, he still pushes on, recording music and playing shows.  Obviously, the medical bills are massive.  I look at it as a perfect excuse to record five of my favorite Tim Bluhm songs for download, with all the proceeds going to help him get back on his foot.  I’m joined by Jackie Greene, Reed Mathis, Jason Crosby as well as Larry and Jenny Keel. Like most covers I play, I take great liberties with this music. Due to my love for these songs, this project was incredibly easy and came together in just a few weeks.  Please enjoy while we help to get Tim stompin’ again. Kw