Keller Williams’ Trio featuring Rob Wasserman and Rodney Holmes

I’m absolutely elated to introduce my new trio featuring Rodney Holmes on drums and Rob Wasserman on upright bass. Rob is a Grammy award winning composer and producer as well as a zenned out keeper of the pocket who has played with a jaw dropping amount of famous people. I first saw him in the late 80’s as a duo with Bob Weir. Rodney, also a Grammy award winning composer and producer, is a complete and total badass on the drum kit and has played with folks like Maceo Parker and Santana. I became an instant fan in the early 2000’s for his work on the “Live From Denver” albums with the Steve Kimock band. The thought of this project has me absolutely giddy with excitement and ideas. One is to focus on acoustic dance music while using my new as well as older material as a template for this vision.  Another is to simply be a student of these two masters and allow them to take this music into lands unknown.  Im excited.  Can you tell?  Kw.