Live from Keller’s Cellar Posters!

 Keller’s Cellar poster preorder! 

Greetings Cellar Dwellers!  We are having these silk screen posters created by Derek Perez of Peregon Creative to commemorate our Quarantine time together in the cellar ( and because we really like posters )!   We figured you all might want to have them personalized by Keller,  so we are going try something new and take direct orders through Venmo or PayPal and ship them out directly from the cellar.    UPDATE 7/17 we sold out of the first batch and are placing a small second order.

Price: $50 – Includes one personalized & autographed poster by Keller.   This price includes shipping via USPS Priority Mail ( to the continental U.S only ).

How this will work:

1. Send $50 payment to Keller at either Venmo or PayPal.

Venmo: @Keller-Williams-2

**Please note what the payment is for ( poster ).

2. After you have paid, send an email, with a copy of your PayPal or Venmo confirmation, to kellerneedsajob@gmail.com .  Include how you want the poster personalized and the shipping address. If this needs to be shipped outside the continental U.S. we can figure something out.
**Please know we cannot promise an arrival date but will try our best to get them out as soon as possible. 

***If you want to get something else personalized by Keller,  just let us know in your email.  While we don’t have everything in the cellar that you see in Keller’s online store through District Lines (https://www.districtlines.com/keller-williams ), we do have most vinyl and all the cd’s (except Spun ).

****We do NOT have any of the new Repeat Offender Cellar Dweller items, those are all in Florida at the District Lines warehouse and only avail online.  We also have a couple of new t-shirt designs but they are only avail in the online store.