2bu -> Positive

The National Richmond, VA


This version of 2bu into Positive was recorded on 12/29/2011 at The National in Richmond, Virginia. It features Keller on bass, Jay Starling on keys, and Mark D on drums.

Whirly Pig/Culpeper Woodchuck

Keller & The Keels

This is a great version of Whirly Pig/Woodchuck performed by Keller & The Keels and featuring Sam Bush on mandolin. Enjoy!

Cornpone Sally

Summer Camp 2010

Keller and Danny Barnes

Keller and Danny Barnes perform “Cornpone Sally” at Summer Camp 2010.

Rush Limbaugh

Live at The Pageant St. Louis

Keller Williams

Rush Limbaugh. This song is not a rebel song. This song is not a political song. This song is not “Sunday Bloody Sunday”. It is however about free speech and speaking your mind all of the time. It’s all about opinions. Well……this song is mine. I released this song a little while back and got a few letters from Rush lovers that didn’t like this song very much. I can understand not liking the lyrics but the groove is down right sexy if I do say so myself. Sexy like the thought of Rush Limbaugh backin’ that ass up. Ohhhh…..that’s sexy. Damn. You can just tune out the words and focus on that tasty, panty droppin’ groove. This was recorded at the totally awesome Pageant in St. Louis. It features harmony vocals from sound engineer, Louis Gosain. Please know that this song comes from me being a fan of the asshole/douche bag character that Rush Limbaugh portrays and not from any hatred of the Republican Party. I love republicans. They are funny. Glenn Beck is hilarious. The facial expressions that Sean Hannity gets are priceless. Bill O’Reilly and Giuliani? Both very funny men. Especially Giuliani. I’d bet he’d be fun to party with. They all have a role to play. They should all be in a movie together. Some non-political action packed thriller with special effects and nudity. I’d see it in the theater. Anyway, this one is about Rush Limbaugh whom I’d like to thank for giving me the inspiration to write 9 minutes of lyrics.

Aftergood (Post Buena Jam)

Humboldt Brews Arcata, CA

Keller Williams

This is the post-buena jam, which I’m lovingly calling “Aftergood”. It’s in a different key on a different bass. So, it’s… different. It was recorded towards the end of the Guitar Store Tour at Humboldt Brews in Arcata, California. I love California. Humboldt County is a very special place to me. I always feel special there. The people there are special. They can do special things… with their minds. Download, Jam and Enjoy.

Floatin’ on the Freshies

Higher Ground Burlington, VT


Recorded at Higher Ground in Burlington, VT in February 2008. This is WMDS, which is Keller Williams, Keith Moseley, Gibb Droll & Jeff Sipe. They are joined onstage by Jen Hartswick and Dave Grippo.


Horning's Hideout

Keller Incident with String Cheese

This version of ‘Vacate’ was performed as part of a Keller Incident with String Cheese at Horning’s Hideout in June 2004. This is not your normal version of ‘Vacate’ with Keller and the Band choosing a much more Reggae vibe than usual. Enjoy!

Take Five

Mississippi Nights St. Louis, MO

Keller Williams

This version of Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five” was recorded at Mississippi Nights in St. Louis, MO on October 20, 2001. This run of 11 shows in 12 nights was a co-bill with Charlie Hunter. What made it unusual was the unknown opener (at the time)….Norah Jones. She was (and probably still is) cool.

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