Sirens blast. Fireworks explode. Confetti appears out of thin air. Balloons and white birds are released. Corks fly as champagne overflows until a thumb is placed over the bottle opening to make spray go even higher. Tears of joy stream as strangers hug and kiss other strangers. The celebration is endless for eternity. “Why?” You ask.  I just received my 1 millionth hit on MySpace. For that one person who doesn’t know what MySpace is (sounds crazy, I know, but out of the dozens of people who will read this, I bet there is one person who hasn’t heard of it.  Why… just the other day, I had to explain what twitter is to young computer users that are on-line daily. I felt cool that I knew what it was and they didn’t. In case you don’t know what twitter is, it’s a way to give up to the minute updates on your thoughts to people who subscribe to your deal. Regardless whether I participate in it or not, I only email with my phone that can’t open attachments and can only type with my thumbs, I still felt cool) go to myspace.com/kellerwilliams to see what 1 million people or one hundred thousand people have seen 10 times. There are free songs and videos, as well as a plethora of information. Way more than anyone could ever need or remotely care about.  Although I never respond to anything , I enjoy a good ole MySpace lurking session from time to time.  I love reading the comments and sometime complaints from folks. I don’t see as much porn as I used to. There are wonderful people that go and remove the porn as well as the negative comments. (i assume that’s what happens since I rarely see that kind of stuff.) I wish I had more time to network with people but I seem to get in trouble more often for fighting with my phone. Ahhhh… free time. What a luxury.  Anyway. Thanks for going to my MySpace one million times.   Keller