Nelsons Ledges

September 17 2008 was the first electric show for our September tour. After spending 2 days playing acoustic (no one felt like lugging amps or drums up from the basement plus it was in the 70s on the porch and dark and dungeon like in the basement) as well as a 3 hour acoustic set on a river boat, we were ready to stomp on some distortion pedals. I’ve been to nelsons ledges Ohio four or 5 times. I’ve never made it passed the back stage. Boy, am I an idiot. That place is magic. We were able to frolic in the quarry and enjoy a relaxing day in a stress free environment. We played great. The band was listening intently to one another and deviations were successfully made. I love it when that happens. We are getting to the point I can use musical clues to segue (segway) into other songs. It’s fun. The first flew by. I had to cut songs and we still played for 90 min. The second set flew by as well. I was told by our wonderful promoters, (Curtis and crazy legs) that there is a hard 11pm curfew. I timed it so we could do an encore and be done by 10:55. Before we started the encore, Evan (the owner of the site) came on stage and said we were not that loud and that we could play later if we wanted to. So…….we did. We played a long disco version of breathe into temple balls into women are smarter. We had a blast, as we are all FRESH. NOT JADED. Keller