Order your END OF THE WORLD T-shirt and Poster now…just in case!

Keller is hopefully having a 2 night throw-down in Keystone, CO on December 21st and 22nd to celebrate the END OF THE WORLD.  The first night will be a bluegrass hoedown with Keller, Billy Nershi and Keith Moseley.  The 2nd night (if it happens) will be a funky party with Keller, Keith, Kyle Hollingsworth and Dave Watts.

To commemorate, Keller has created a LIMITED EDITION T-SHIRT AND POSTER; however, it occurred to us…should the world actually end on the 21st, people wouldn’t get a chance to enjoy them.  So, we’ve decided to put them on sale a little early so that everyone, whether you can come to the shows or not, will have a chance to wear their shirt before having to leap into the abyss.

Order your END OF THE WORLD t-shirt and poster now! Details below…

100% cotton ‘End of the World’ unisex t-shirt available in sizes XS-XXL
‘End of the World’ Numbered silk screened poster