Keller Williams’ Duo

Usually, I play places without seats. My looping show comes in handy at those establishments.  Occasionally, Im allowed to play really nice places with actual places to sit.  Its these types of places that I feel acoustic music is truly what the rooms were intended for. With that in mind, I’m proud to announce that Danton Boller on the big acoustic double bass will join me as a duo in those almost perfect rooms.  Just because these shows are  loopless, it doesn’t mean it won’t be super funky. Funk is in the mind, the soul and also in the right hand of Danton Boller. I’m excited  to explore the ideas of acoustic dance music with only the big bass,a couple of acoustic guitars and a whole lotta songs to choose from.  Danton is in my band KWahtro and has done a bunch of Grateful Grass gigs so……these shows could get real freaky. And if you want to….you can sit.  Which is not always an option. Feel free to vibe off my stoke.  Kw.