Keller Williams

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  • Chevy Chase accepting Keller’s 2008 Jammy Award

Definition: ADM (Acoustic Dance Music), solo acoustic guitar and voice with every other song walking the line of electronica. If you need a title to file under try electro-hippie acoustic downtempo.

“What kind of definition is that?  It’s the kind of definition that will take you actually going to a show to decide for yourself and put it to your own words.  This element of my life is what I refer to as my day job. Which is essentially me finding new ways to entertain myself on stage in front of an audience.  Using technology and a technique, described by Dr. Didg, as live phrase sampling or looping, I am able to entertain myself for two sets. Nothing is prerecorded and all sounds and beats are created live by layering loops on top of one another and then singing or soloing over top if all if it.

See what I mean? Only being there can explain it.  The thousands of hours on YouTube cannot describe the feeling and vibe of one of my solo shows…..at least the feeling that I get. Drawing from almost 2 dozen releases as well as a ridiculous amount of covers, hours are spent on set lists that often get abandoned for requests from the audience. So much fun, it should be illegal and in some counties it is.” –Kw

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Announcing Keller’s Newest Album – Add!

Add is the follow up to my instrumental release called Sans.  I’m simply adding back in lyrics.  Some of which came from micro daydreams while other songs simply wrote themselves. I’m excited for “The Big One” to see the light of day as it’s had tons of stage time and no real place on any of my last few releases. New songs, one old one that’s never seen the studio and of course, a couple of covers as I’m a music lover first, songwriter second. Please enjoy.   Kw Add will be available everywhere you get your music on May 31st. You can …

Keller and The String Cheese Incident Celebrate 20 years of “BREATHE”

This summer Keller will join forces with The String Cheese Incident at Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of their 1999 collaborative album, Breathe. “From the Spring of 1997 to the summer of 1999 I had opened up for the String Cheese Incident many time all over the country. By this time, they had established their record label Sci Fidelity Records and so I hit them up to see if they wanted to do a record with me and put it out on their label. They said yes. I remember a very hot February …

Listen to Sans Today!

Keller’s first fully instrumental album is out now! Listen to it wherever you get your music: https://ampl.ink/W4xaG …

Third Annual Thanksforgrassgiving!

Hey everybody!!!! Guess what? Thanks for grass giving continues… Check out this lineup and please feel free to vibe off of my stoke. Larry Keel on guitar Jenny Keel on base Jay Starling on dobro Jeremy Garrett on the fiddle The one the only Danny Barnes on banjo and me on my poser Mando! So, eat some leftover turkey, get out of the house and experience the bliss that is Thanksforgrassgiving! Kw Fan club tix on sale today through Friday 9/1 11/24  …

Grateful Grass at Pisgah Brewery 6/4

JUST ANNOUNCED! Keller and The Infamous Stringdusters are heading to Pisgah Brewery in Black Mountain, NC on June 4th. The night will feature one set Keller Solo, one set Infamous Stringdusters and one set of Keller Williams’ Grateful Grass ft. the Dusters …