Circle Drive In

August, 2020

Circle Drive In,Scranton PA
Keller Williams

“I’m excited to announce my first drive in show and even more excited to be sharing the bill with my old friends Cabinet. This will be a socially distant drive-in experience with folks being able to sit outside their vehicles in their allotted parking space.


-One ticket per car, ticket price is per car.

-4 person max per car.

-No campers or RV, party buses, or motorcycles admitted.

-Sealed water bottles are allowed. Food and beverages (alcohol included) available for purchase on site

-Event is rain or shine.

-All ages admitted.

-All parties must arrive together in one vehicle.

-Sitting outside vehicle is permitted but all persons must remain near their cars.

-Masks Required.

For further questions regarding social distancing protocols please reach out to http://www.slpconcerts.net/


Doors 5 pm/Show 7pm Keller plays first
All ages