St. Louis

I was invited to be the grand marshal for the st. Louis mardi gras parade. My buddy jim bruce hooked it up. I’ve never been a part of any thing like it. Most of the floats were pulled by semi trucks and they all had porta potties as well as generators powering several speakers, which were pumping out all kinds of jams. Folks were drinkin’ heavy and early and with great gusto. It was a massive party. Due to the sub freezing weather, they couldn’t get the top down on the convertible. So I rode in a golf cart that was loaded down with beads to throw to the parade watchers. I couldn’t throw them fast enough. People were screaming for beads. Once we approached the judging stand, I was helped over the barricade to join the folks judging the floats. Emcee-ing the parade was the local talk radio celebrity “magraw” who was adding his flavor of funny, tongue in cheek commentary. He put me on the spot to speak to the crowd. I froze. I mean it was 30 degrees and gusty so we were all cold. But I didn’t know what to say. So I shouted PARTY ON!!!! Magraw looked at me like I was an idiot and said “really?” I said ” yes” He would later recap the incident (more than once) by saying things like ” and remember folks, don’t forget the important wisdom given to us by the grand marshal to…….party on.” I was able to squeeze one cocktail out of the empty half gallon liquor bottles on the reviewing stands. it was noon. the judges stayed well hydrated. The floats would stop and there would be a little show with people jumping off and doing dances and such. there was even wide open bribery to the judges. From the floaters. (i doubt they refer to themselves as that but I couldn’t resist) after the parade, we walked through the wide, crowded streets of soulard. Which I was told means “drunk” in french. But of course the person who told me this was drunk. There were stages and speakers everywhere. We watched “the schwag ” play amazingly well in freezing weather. There were hundreds of thousands of people walking, dancing, skipping and yes staggering through the streets. Not one single bare breast. Wusup with that? thanks for inviting me to your party st. Louis. KW