I would like to formally and officially offer my humble apologies to the Fraternity in State College PA. I recently accused them of stiffing me for $250.00 back in the mid 90’s when I could have sworn that I played a party at their Fraternity. I really, really, really thought I did but they were quick to point out that I did not. I really, really, really wanted to prove them wrong but it has been 14 years and I don’t have any real proof other than my aging memory and those of my old buddies who went with me to that gig back then. I do want to thank the folks at the Fraternity because if they hadn’t objected to my accusation, then I probably wouldn’t have called these old friends of mine. That led me on a humorous adventure down memory lane, even if that lane is full of pot holes. Out of my four buddies who were there, none of them can remember the name of the Fraternity but they can all remember where the keg was. I, in no way, shape or form meant to tarnish anyone’s reputation in or around the Fraternity’s legacy. I love fraternities, my bass player from The All Natural Band was in the Fraternity and he is a fantastic, super righteous, stand up guy. I actually rushed Phi Kappa Tau which I would love to tell you all the juicy details of my hazed experience but of course I am sworn to secrecy. My father was a Kappa Alpha at Hampden-Sydney. Every year he would go to Home Coming and every year I would tag along and wander from house to house in fraternity circle listening to the bands that were playing. Hamden-Sydney always got cool bands. I always related fraternities to cool bands. Obviously they are all about so much more than bands at parties. They are about brother hood and doing good for the community. They are about family and they are very real. At least that is what I get from it. All I really know about fraternities is I always have fun playing at the parties. I honestly hope I can play one at State College again very soon. But this time I will need cash in advance. To reiterate, I love fraternities. Over the years they have done me nothing but good… well, with the exception of this one now unknown one. Speaking of that, if anyone out there knows who the real culprit of this bad check is, I would love to know. In fact, if someone out there can actually prove it, in a court of law type of prove it, I would be happy to write them a check for $250.00, hell, lets make it $275.00, inflation and all. And if anyone can actually prove that it was the Fraternity in question, then I will double that money and you would be doing me the great service of restoring my faith in the unweeded garden that I call my memory. We can have sort of a contest! Here is what I do know about that show. It was in the Fall of 1995 and it was in State College at Penn State. It was inside a Fraternity house. I know they had a Galaga video game because I especially remember kicking it’s ass. I remember allowing to have my fighters captured and shooting down the capturers causing me to have two ships side by side with twice the shooting power which allowed me to cruise through challenging stages and propel me through multiple levels, picking up spare ships or extra lives along the way making my game really, really long on one quarter. This never happens to me. I usually died on the fourth level past the challenging stage, but for some reason, I was a Galaga master that one specific time. So this really stands out in my memory. I suppose this could have been a dream or a hallucination but I don’t think so. Anyway, again, my deepest apologies to the folks past and present at the Fraternity. ‚Ä®Keller Williams