That 1 Guy

I did a show the other night in Dallas with “That 1 Guy”. The first time I saw him was at the evolve fest in nova scotia. But the show I did with him really slapped me in the face with the realization that this 1 guy is a genius. He plays a one of a kind, 2-string contraption made from 2 thick metal cylinders that are possibly used for industrial or under-ground piping.

He has sample triggers all over it and packs the intensity of a full-blown rock show. The music is slightly dark with elements of “zappa”esque vocals. The show is packed with visual art including magic tricks and illusions. I’m tempted to describe in detail but I’d rather you feel the experience and absorb the surprises for yourself. He’s currently on a massive 5-month driving tour. Chances are he’s playing close by. Go.