The Short Story Behind “The Drop”

This song was recorded about a year after Pick ( my record with The Travelin’ McCoury’s) came out.   The idea was to push another song from the Pick album to radio and to have an unreleased single to accompany it and I had this song, The Drop,  which my wife and I made up while discretely drinking on the beach last summer while our kids got pounded by waves.  So, I pitched it to the The McCoury’s and flew to Nashville to record it.   Turns out I liked the song way more than everybody else did….  so the original recording of this song sat lonely in some dank dark corner of a hard drive.  After my Funk record came out and after the release of DOS ( Grateful Grass benefit digital release for the Rex Foundation) I began working on my album Vape.  The original version of “The Drop” didn’t fit the vibe of Vape, but I liked that version so much that I wanted to find a way to use it.

We recorded Pick almost live, with everyone playing together with me singing lead vocal.  Then the boys went back and overdubbed the harmonies. After Pick came out, I opened up the master tracks with the intent of doing an acoustic dance music record by creating new tracks around my favorite samples of that record.   (Similar to my record Dance which was my Laugh album remix ) but because we tracked it live, there was tons of cross bleed, meaning when I solo’d the bass track, you would hear fiddle in the back ground…. nobody wants fiddle on their bass track, right? Right. However, The Drop was recorded with each musician playing individually, giving me the ability to solo their pristine tracks with nothing else bleeding in, which is what I did.  In some sections I knocked the fiddle down a whole octave to sound cello-ish and ran the banjo track backwards.  I’m excited how it turned out and it has become my favorite track of the record.  On the increasingly rare occasions I have the opportunity to play with the McCourys, we dive into this one, which is often the most unique song of the set.  At least to me. Please enjoy.   Kw

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