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"Keller's Cellar Somewhat Ruleless Radio" is a 59 minute, self indulgent, narrated mixed tape of stuff that I am into. I started this radio show back in 2003 in an attempt to document the music that I was listening to. My cd's were all over the floor and vehicle and in danger of getting stepped on and ruined, so it was a good way to preserve them. The show was originally going to be called just "Ruleless Radio" but fortunately, a triple A radio station in Wilmington, North Carolina invited me to fill an hour on Saturday nights. So, obviously the FCC makes it "Somewhat Ruleless". The only real rule is that I can't say or play any songs with the words shit, fuck or bitch in them. Other than that I can play whatever I want. Anything! My goal was to be syndicated like the way Howard Stern used to be, except I wouldn't talk as much and would play all kinds of music, none of which you normally hear on the radio. I am still not syndicated, which means I have not sold out to "the man" but I probably would.....

As I sit here writing this ( 7/12/11 ) , I have made 168 edisodes so far. The music you are hearing right now, are theme songs to the show. I make a new theme song per episode, most of them are parodies of other songs and all were ALOT of fun to make! This is only a small sample of them. One day, I hope to put them all up here for your listening pleasure!

If this show is not in your radio radius, then call your local station and say "I want my Keller Cellar please" but don't forget the please!





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