In the past three years alone Williams has recorded an album of eclectic cover tunes with the Keels (Thief), a children’s record (Kids), the bass-centric and appropriately titled Bass, a bluegrass set with the Travelin’ McCourys (Pick) and now he delivers the Funk!

Funk was recorded live at a pair of Virginia gigs (from the Norva in Norfolk and the National in Richmond), and during a show at Charlotte, North Carolina’s Neighborhood Theatre. The album consists of four new Williams originals and several interpretations of songs that further the vision of this artist who makes everything he touches his own. The album, writes Keller in Funk’s liner notes, “is more than a little soulful, more than a little funky and it’s making me more than a little happy.” Guaranteed, it’ll make you more than a little happy too.

I Told You I was Freaky

More Than A Little

Right Here

Once In a Lifetime

Let's Jam

Mary Jane

West LA Fadeaway

I Feel Love


Samson's Wine


KEYS: A Collection of Grateful Dead Covers to Benefit the Rex Foundation is available for digital download at iTunes beginning, February 12, 2013. 100% of the proceeds of KEYS will go to benefit The Rex Foundation, the charitable non-profit organization started by the Grateful Dead to give grants to a variety of worthwhile causes.

"Its no secret I have an unhealthy fascination with the Grateful Dead. Whenever I sit down at the piano its seems the only thing that comes out are Jerry ballads.  Even though these songs are not all Jerry ballads, I have sort of made them that way.  The lyrics, although I've been singing them most of my adult life, are not 100% any other music I play, I've taken liberties.  All of the proceeds from the sale of these songs goes to support the Rex Foundation, which was started by the Grateful Dead, in the 80' you can feel good about that! "  Gratefully yours, Keller

01. He's Gone

02. Can't Come Down

03. Terrapin Station

04. Attics Of My Life

05. Althea

06. Brokedown Palace

07. Wharf Rat

08. Bird Song

09. Row Jimmy

10. Touch of Grey


The Travelin’ McCourys are the latest incarnation of the most awarded band in the history of bluegrass – The Del McCoury Band.  Keller Williams is known as one of the most innovative solo singer/songwriters of this generation.  What happens when the two join forces? The live stage may never be the same.  Brought together by equal parts mutual admiration and the desire to change the musical landscape while staying true to their roots, The Travelin’ McCourys and Keller Williams are a perfect - albeit unexpected - fit.  The two have a lot in common after all: their high energy, ever-evolving live shows, their individual playing prowess and their strong and unique song writing skills.  Fans are most used to seeing Keller sans a band - just him and a guitar with or without his signature live looping technique. For Keller Williams with The Travelin' McCourys, fans will see Keller playing his music with one of the best live bands on the touring circuit.  McCoury fans, used to seeing the boys tour with Del in the lead, will now get to see them playing their songs with Keller on guitar.  It’s a perfect marriage of instrumental virtuosos, memorable songwriting, infectious musical camaraderie, and undeniable energy. And with both acts known to bring epic and spontaneous live collaborations to theaters and festivals across America – Keller Williams with The Travelin' McCourys will take this collaborative spirit one step further, promising to bring something fresh and unexpected to the live stage.

01. Something Else

02. American Car

03. Messed Up Just Right

04. Mullet Cut

05. The Graveyard Shift

06. I Am Elvis

07. What A Waste of Good Corn Liquor

08. Broken Convertible

09. I'm Amazed

10. Price Tag

12. Bumper Sticker

*With special guest vocals by Del McCoury


On December 13, 2011, Keller Williams delivers Bass, his 17th album. Starting with 1994’s Freek, Keller has done solo albums, live albums, one with The String Cheese Incident, another with Bob Weir, Michael Franti, Bela Fleck and a bunch of other personal heroes, a bluegrass covers album with Keller & The Keels, a children’s album, a remix album, and more. Here Keller shows off, you guessed it, his bass skills with his first record that finds the multi-instrumentalist only on bass guitar.

Bass is also the first album to be recorded with Keller’s live reggae-funk band Kdubalicious. Formed in late 2010, in addition to Keller on bass and vocals, the group features Jay Starling on keyboards and Mark D on drums. Though Keller’s music, both what he listens to and what he puts out, may always be changing and evolving, there’s always one constant: his unique, playful songwriting. Bass is no different in that regard. This may be reggae music, with heavy doses of dub, funk, jazz and even bits of pop and psychedelia, but at the core, it’s a Keller Williams record, his warm voice and equally inviting attitude driving the positive vibrations.

1. The Sun & Moons Vagenda

2. 2 b u

3. Hey Ho Jorge

4. I am Elvis

5. Hollywood Freeks

6. Thinking Out Loud

7. High

8. Buena

9. Super Hot

10. Hobo Jungle

11. Positive


A true original, Keller Williams has won the hearts and imagination of a seething tide of young adults who are musically "in the know."  With his sixteenth album, Kids, Keller stakes out his next conquest- the absolute adoration of the under-10 crowd and their parents, caregivers, and relatives. With Kids, Keller creates a style of family music that's all his own, and reaches his young audience in a way that matters. While other performers play for kids, Keller plays with them. For the album, Keller takes influences of traditional bluegrass, "Chester & Lester" innovative guitar technique, Robin Williams, and Bobby McFerrin and transports them to warp level. An though Keller's virtuosity extends through his phenomenal instrumental technique and range of vocal styles and effects, he never allows his supreme musicianship to get in the way of the pure joy of the music. Keller Williams' high standards are preserved in his first CD for children and families, Kids.

1. My Neighbor Is Happy Again

2. Car Seat

3. Because I said So

4. Hulahoop To Da Loop

5. Horse Back Rider

6. Taking a Bath

7. Good Advice

8. Keep It On The Paper

9. Hey Little Baby

10. Mama Tooted

11. Soakie Von Soakerman

12. Lucy Lawcy

13. Grandma's Feather Bed

14. The Fastest Song In The World

Many musicians have side projects to keep them amused and Keller Williams is no exception. With buddies Larry and Jenny Keel, Williams turns up bluegrass-inspired arrangements of songs that don’t exactly make you think “bluegrass.” Sure, Drive-By Trucker Patterson Hood’s “Uncle Disney” isn’t too much of a stretch and the Grateful Dead’s “Mountains of the Moon” makes perfect sense, but Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab”? Cracker’s “Teen Angst”? The Butthole Surfer’s “Pepper”? It’s great fun, actually. The playing is first-rate. The harmonies are as serious and sincere as any old tune from Appalachia, and who’s to say that this won’t lead to fans of alternative or pop music discovering the charms of traditional music or vice versa. If anything this playful trio have started a conversation where one rarely exists. Nothing is played for cheap laughs and that makes all the difference. If this excites you, be sure to check out their other release, Grass, where they take on Pink Floyd, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and Beck.

1. Don’t Cuss the Fiddle (Kris Kristofferson)

2. Uncle Disney (Patterson Hood)

3. Rehab (Amy Winehouse)

4. Get It While You Can (Danny Barnes)

5. Cold Roses (Ryan Adams)

6. Mountains of the Moon (Grateful Dead)

7. Teen Angst (Cracker)

8. Wind’s On Fire (Yonder Mountain String Band)

9. Switch and Spur (The Raconteurs)

10. Sex and Candy (Marcy Playground)

11. Pepper (Butthole Surfers)

12. Bath of Fire (Presidents of the United States of America)

13. The Year 2003 Minus 25 (Kris Kristofferson)


Long considered one of the most unique and prolific performers in all of rock, the Fredericksburg, Virginia native is known for flying by the seat of his pants on stage, utilizing an unorthodox approach that centers around an Echoplex Digital Pro looping unit, which allows Keller to alternate between several instruments on stage. For Keller Williams’ latest studio release, ODD (August 2009 / SCI Fidelity Records), Keller covers an impressive amount of stylistic ground - everything from the ‘off-the-wall’ (“Day at the Office”) to piano-based lounge music (“Warning”), and even a tribute to legendary afrobeat musician Fela Kuti (“Song for Fela”). And somehow, the singer/multi-instrumentalist ties it all together into a unified sound/approach - that is unmistakably Keller.

1. Environmental Song

2. A Day at the Office

3. Spartan Darn It

4. Groove Of The Storm

5. Elephorse

6. Lost

7. Warning

8. Tundra

9. Ultimate

10. Doobie In My Pocke

11. Ear Infection

12. Song for Fela

Keller Williams has built a career on his uncanny ability to captivate a packed house, all by himself. So why now, after fifteen-years as a solo artist, is he releasing a live album, simply titled, Live, with three other names on the cover? It turns out that since he first picked up a guitar, this troubadour has wanted to front a band. On Live (September 2008 / SCI Fidelity Records), Keller taps into the world-class talent of Keith Moseley (bass, The String Cheese Incident), Gibb Droll (guitar, Marc Broussard, Brandi Carlile), and Jeff Sipe (drums, Aquarium Rescue Unit, Leftover Salmon). The musical horsepower of four friends playing together on stage proves stronger than even Keller had dreamed. Recorded at select live shows during a winter 2007-2008 tour, and featuring seventeen tracks that span Keller‚ career, Live is a testament to how a band, with the right chemistry and chops, can take a song to places even the writer couldn't have imagined.

1. Same Ole'

2. Skitso

3. Casa Quetzal

4. Tribe

5. Breathe

6. Thin Mint

7. Look At Where We Are

8. Reinhardt Rag

9. Newness

10. You Are What You Eat

11. Killer Waves

12. Lonesome Angel

13. Still Wishing To Course

14. Temple Balls

15. The Juggler

16. Play This

17. Gallivanting > The Other One > Gallivanting

18. Bob Rules > A Natural Woman > Bob Rules

19. Freshies

20. Turn In Difference

21. No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature

22. Mullet Cut

23. Don't Let Go

24. Little Wing

25. Moving Sidewalk


Before Keller Williams hits the road this summer, he'll release a live, February 8, 2006 Grateful Grass performance. The digital only release, titled REX (Live at the Fillmore), is available now at iTunes and other digital retailers. Grateful Grass - which featured Williams, Keith Moseley (The String Cheese Incident), and Jeff Austin (Yonder Mountain String Band) - performed not-so-traditional bluegrass versions of Grateful Dead favorites one winter night in Denver. 100% of the proceeds from REX (Live at the Fillmore) will go to benefit The Rex Foundation, the charitable non-profit started by the Grateful Dead which gives grants to worthwhile causes.

1. One More Saturday Night

2. Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodeloo

3. Eyes Of The World

4. Candyman

5. Loose Lucy

6. Black Peter

7. St. Stephen

8. Casey Jones

9. Brown Eyed Women

10. Bird Song

11. Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain


DOS is my second Grateful Grass release and was recorded live at the "Nightfall of Diamonds” benefit for the Rex Foundation at the Fillmore in San Francisco on December 7th, 2013.  It features myself, Jeff Austin, Keith Moseley, and Michael Kang and we are once again doing not-so-traditional bluegrass versions of Grateful Dead songs.  All proceeds from the sale of this album, just like the previous Grateful Grass release - REX and the instrumental piano album - KEYS, will be donated to the Rex Foundation. DOS is available at iTunes and at   


Jack Straw


Greatest Story Ever Told

Till The Morning Comes

High Times

Samson and Deliah


Tenessee Jed

Shakedown Street


Keller Williams has been called guitar's mad-scientist, a one-man band for the new millennium, and dozens of other clever sobriquets dreamed up by fans and music journalists trying to get a handle on his uplifting and ever-shifting style of music. Though Keller's music has evolved since he first started playing music over twenty years ago, some things have remained constant: Keller is a prolific artist, an exceptional guitarist, and an accomplished songwriter. Now, Keller's twelfth album release looks back at a ground-breaking and already remarkable career. Aptly titled 12, the album features one standout song from each of his previous eleven releases. Keller himself dubs this his album of greatest hits. Added to the mix is one new, previously un-recorded song. While the Keller Williams adventure has only just begun, 12 is a fantastic celebration of a musical milestone.

1. Turn In Difference

2. Anyhow Anyway

3. Tribe

4. Breathe

5. More Than A Little

6. Freeker by the Speaker

7. Butt Sweat

8. Apparition

9. Keep It Simple

10. Local

11. People Watchin'

12. Freshies


When singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Keller Williams scratched out a long and ambitious wish list of artists he'd like to collaborate with in the studio, he told himself "It can't hurt to dream." Today, with the release of his ninth studio album, Keller's dream comes true. For the release the usually one-man-band is backed by a dream team of musicians including Bella Fleck, Bobby Read, Bob Weir, Charlie Hunter, Derrek Phillips, Fareed Haque, Fleming McWilliams, Jeff Sipe, John Molo, John Scofield, Martin Sexton, Michael Franti, Modereko, Samir Chatterjee, Sanjay Mishra, Steve Kimock, The String Cheese Incident, and Victor Wooten. Dream features 16 tracks of unblemished material: a cataract of electrifying musical alliances, and endless entertainment thanks to Keller's rapturous innovations and his earthy, barefoot-in-the-park presentation.

1. Play This

2. Celebrate Your Youth

3. Cadillac

4. Ninja of Love

5. Kiwi and the Apricot

6. People Watchin'

7. Cookies

8. Rainy Day

9. Sing for my Dinner

10. Restraint

11. Life

12. Twinkle

13. Got No Feathers

14. Slo Mo Balloon

15. Lil' Sexy Blues

16. Bendix/Dance Hippie

Keller Williams' self released album GRASS is a delightfully bizarre collection of anything-but-traditional bluegrass songs. Like most recordings from Keller, GRASS is self indulgent and possibly offensive to those who lack a sense of humor, but Keller had a damn good time recording it. For the project Keller teamed up with old buddy and award-winning flat picker Larry Keel on guitar, and Larry's beautiful rock-solid in-the-pocket acoustic bass playing wife, Jenny Keel. The result is an organic and airy acoustic record featuring 10 songs, originals and unexpected cover tunes, that yield to a pure love of music. GRASS makes it better. CDs are also available at Keller shows and Larry Keel shows.

1. Goof Balls

2. Another Brick in the Wall

3. Mary Jane's Last Breakdown

4. Stunt Double

5. New Horizons

6. Loser

7. Crater in the Backyard

8. Dupree's Diamond Blues

9. Local

10. I'm Just Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail


Keller Williams is a one man band for the digital age. Now Keller releases his first-ever DVD - finally, a visual souvenir of Keller's awe-inspiring live shows! Recorded at Mr. Small's state-of-the-art theatre facility in Pittsburgh, PA in November 2004, SIGHT features over 100 minutes of concert footage, plus plenty of hilarious b-roll footage recorded over his many years on the road.

1. Roshambo

2. People Watching

3. Juggler

4. Fuel for the Road

5. Freeker by the Speaker

6. Mental Brunette Instra

7. Ninja

8. Dear Emily

9. Above the Thunder

10. You Are What You Eat

11. Ship of Fools

12. Heart & Stormy Soul Weather

13. Dogs

14. Not Tomorrow

15. Swing

16. Garage Night

17. Best Feeling

18. Smurd

Our one-man-band, Keller Williams, is releasing an album that highlights his awe-inspiring live performances. STAGE brings YOU front row to experience Keller's technical virtuosity and wicked sense of humor.This two CD set is a live compilation of Keller's 2003 tour. Stage Left (west coast) showcases the attentive energy of a seated listening audience while Stage Right (east coast) explores the seat less dancing party vibe. Like his live shows, STAGE doesn't miss a beat of the singular musical style that has critics and fans hailing Keller Williams as "a true American original" and a "must-see performer." No need to buy a ticket, STAGE is your VIP badge for some the best live music of 2003.

1. Tubeular

2. Rapper's Delight

3. Skitso

4. Under Pressure

5. Shinjuku

6. Keep It Simple

7. Dance Of The Freek

8. Blazeabago

9. Let's Go Dancing

10. Blazeabago

11. Moondance

12. Stargate

13. Hum Diddly Eye

14. One Way Johnny

15. Novelty Song

16. Shapes Of M

17. Don't Stop

18. Dudelywah

19. Bird Song

20. For What It's Worth

21. Prelude to a Cracker

22. Cracker Ass Cracker

23. Zilla a Trois

24. Gate Crashers Suck

25. Balcony Baby

26. Celebrate Your Youth

27. My Sisters and Brothers > Boob Job


Keller says, "DANCE is a pseudo house remix of my most recent release LAUGH. An infinite amount of fun was had by my taking of the existing tracks from Laugh and creating new, techno sounding, dance songs by using state of the art computer technology. It is basically me trying to find my inner DJ."

1. Tweeker

2. Bazooka Speaker Funk

3. Chunter

4. Yeah

5. Room To Grow

6. Mental Floss

7. Better Than Reality

8. Barker

9. Flabbergasting

10. Chickahominy Fred

11. Worth All The Dough

12. Butt Sweat


Keller Williams' mesmerizing guitar work, infectious melodies, and vibrant energy have garnered him the reputation as one of today's most inspiring musical pioneers. Dubbed a "one-man band for the new century," Keller is the only musician on his stage. With his newest release, this mad scientist of music finds himself back HOME. No need to wipe your feet. Just come on in.

1. Love Handles

2. Apparition

3. Tubeular

4. Victory Song

5. Butt Ass Nipple

6. Dogs

7. Skitso

8. Moving Sidewalk

9. Sheebs

10. Above the Thunder

11. Art

12. Casa Quetzal

13. Bitch Monkey

14. You Are What You Eat

15. Zilla

16. Sorry From the Shower


Keller Williams has always had the unexplainable need to make listeners grin, smile, and Laugh. With his sixth CD release, Keller perfectly exhibits his playful spirit without diminishing his musical genius and technical expertise. Offering fifteen dynamic songs, Laugh is a truly inspired album by one of today's most gifted and understated musicians.

1. Freeker by the Speaker

2. One Hit Wonder

3. Hunting Charlie

4. Alligator Alley

5. Spring Buds

6. Mental Instra

7. Vabeeotchay

8. Bob Rules

9. Freakshow

10. Gallivanting

11. God is my Palm Pilot

12. Crooked

13. Old Lady from Carlsbad

14. Kidney in a Cooler

15. Freeker Reprise


Loop was taken from three seperate shows in the Pacific Northwest during March of 2000.

1. Thin Mint

2. Kiwi and the Apricot

3. More than a Little

4. Vacate

5. Blatent Ripoff

6. Kidney in a Cooler

7. Landlord

8. Turn in Difference

9. No Hablo Espanol

10. Rockumal

11. Stupid Questions

12. Inhale to the Chief

13. Nomini


Keller has joined forces with the String Cheese Incident on this album. Featuring the title track, "Breathe," and other favorites such as "Best Feeling," this album is an excellent collaboration with the rich String Cheese sound rounding out Keller's compositions. Also features special guest, Jamie Janover on the Hammer Dulcimer and Ty Burhoe on tablas.

1. Stupid Questions

2. Brunette

3. Breathe

4. Best Feeling

5. Bounty Hunter

6. Vacate

7. Roshambo

8. Revelation

9. Lightning

10. Blatent Ripoff

11. Not Of This Earth

12. Rockumal

13. Callalloo and Red Snapper


Recorded in a small studio in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Spun, offers the stripped down acoustic side of Keller. The recording quality on this one is crystal clear, showcasing Keller's voice and allowing the listener to easily hear the intricate guitar work.

1. Running on Fumes

2. Tribe

3. Blazeabago

4. Thirsty in the Rain

5. 221"

6. Stargate

7. Spun

8. In A Big Country

9. Portapotty

10. Theme from the Pink Panther

11. Sleeping Giant

12. Dear Emily

13. Fat B


This very diverse disk contains everything from solo guitar pieces to full-band productions. It covers many genres of music such as world beat, reggae, bluegrass and rock. Featuring guests such as Gibb Droll, Doug Derryberry, Andy Waldeck and Larry Keel.

1. Sunny Rain

2. Sally Sullivan

3. Relaxation Station

4. Fuel for the Road

5. Stinky Green

6. Yoni

7. Over Dub

8. Anyhow Anyway

9. Inhale to the Chief

10. Killer Waves

11. Best Feeling

12. Same Ol'

13. Molly Malloy


Keller's first CD, this album is composed mostly of solo arrangements of his early tunes, but a few tracks feature backing musicians. Freek is overall a very raw and young sounding Keller.

1. Get on Up/Sanford and Son

2. The Juggler

3. Turn In Difference

4. Friendly Pyramid

5. In the Middle

6. Chillin'

7. The Miss Annie Overture in A

8. Passapatanzy

9. Shapes of Change

10. The River

11. A Day That Never Was