Lincoln Continental

Ronnie's Place

Keller Williams w/ The Travelin' McCourys

Blind happiness. I spent a couple of great days with The Travelin McCourys. This picture was taken at Ronnie’s place. Check out this version of The Felice Brothers “Lincoln Continental” we worked up and recorded on Jason Carter’s cell phone.

Please enjoy. I did. — Kw

Makin’ It Rain

Dark Star Orchestra's Jam In The Sand - Breezes Resorts

Keller Williams

Hello music lovers and welcome back to Whenever I Feel Like It Freek. The place where I release music whenever I feel like it. It’s been a while because…….I haven’t felt like it.

This one is called Makin’ It Rain. It was recorded 3/4/13 at Breezes Resort in Negril, Jamaica apart of the Dark Star Orchestra’s Jam In The Sand. The song is a true story told to me by Tonya Lazimby Jackson. Please enjoy.

More Than A Little

The National Richmond, VA

Keller Williams and More Than A Little

Keller Williams with More Than A LIttle, a 6 piece funk and soul ensemble that Keller put together for his annual run of shows the week after Christmas. This version of the groups namesake song was recorded at The National in Richmond, VA on December 30, 2012. Enjoy!

Just Jam

The Penguin 98.3

Keller Williams and More Than A Little

This is “Just Jam” by Keller’s new project, More Than A Little. This was recorded on Dec 27, 2012 at the studios of The Penguin, 98.3 in Wilmington.

“Chillin’ Like A Villan” > “Black Clouds”

Keystone, CO

Keller & His Compadres

Freeker By The Speaker

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival

Bernie & Kyle's Kelmock Wallyhess Mess

This version of ‘Freeker By The Speaker’ was recorded on October 7, 2012 at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. This is a collaboration called Bernie and Kyle’s Kelmock Wally Hess Mess and is comprised of the following players:

Fire on the Mountain Live

Mishawaka Amphitheatre

Keller Williams

Mishawaka Amphitheatre 7/13/12 is available for digital download at nugs.net with 100% of the proceeds going to the victims and firefighters of Colorado wildfires. Enjoy “Fire on the Mountain” as free download!

Hot Stuff

Brown's Island Richmond, VA

Keller w/ The Travelin' McCourys

This version of Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff” was recorded by Keller with The Travelin’ McCoury’s at Brown’s Island in Richmond, VA on May 18th, 2012.

RIP Donna Summer

Born To Be Wild

Higher Ground Burlington, VT

Keller & Mike Gordon

This version of ‘Born to Be Wild’ was recorded at Higher Ground in Burlington, VT on March 24, 2012. Keller is joined by Mike Gordon.

More Than A Little

Ziggy's Winston Salem, NC

KDubalicious ft. Jeff Sipe

This version of “More Than A Little” was recorded at Ziggy’s in Winston Salem, NC on February 17, 2012. Keller Williams is on bass, Jeff Sipe is on Drums and Jay Starling is on keys. Enjoy!

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